So, spring is finally here and that means you don’t have to hide your hair behind a beanie or scarf anymore! Dealing with winter isn’t easy when you’re trying not to damage your hair extensions.

You no longer have to worry about catching a cold and skipping washing your hair for a day or two. It’s spring so that means you’re free to style your hair anyway you want!

But there’s one problem: because of the humidity and changing weather, you’re not sure how you can protect your HEH extensions!

Here’s what you can do:

Avoid Excessive Heat Hairstyling

Winter may be over but that most of us still don’t avoid heat styling. While it’s not recommended in any type of weather, heat styling has become the norm because of its fast results.

Straightening or drying your hair using a blow dryer will not only damage the roots of your hair, it will damage your extensions as well.

Remember that hair extensions are not like your natural hair. Once they’re damaged, you can’t salvage them by getting them cut. You’ll have to take them out and reinstall them. While HEH’s extensions are more durable than the average extensions, exposing them to heat everyday will lead to damage.

Instead of setting your blow dryer to hot air, set it to cold air. What this’ll do is prevent the roots of your hair from getting damaged and since your extensions won’t be exposed to heat, they’ll stay safe as well.

Use Our Products Designed For HEH Extensions

You’ve probably heard us say it a dozen times but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. To maintain your HEH extensions, make sure to use our Kevin Murphy products. These products were designed by an Australian hair guru.

They’re natural and don’t contain harmful sulfate and silicones. The Hydrate Me Wash and Hydrate Me Rinse duo is perfect for keeping your hair moisturized and your extensions safe from harsh chemicals.

And because you’re not using harsh chemicals, your natural hair has time to grow and heal.

Consult Brenda

Stop by our hair salon in Spring TX every 3 months for a much-needed consultation from Brenda. She’ll guide you on ways to take better care of your extensions and what else you can do to help your natural hair grow.

When it comes to taking care of your extensions and your hair, we say, leave it to us, the professionals!

We’ll take care of everything for you. Just leave your hair to us.

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