Summertime is all about wearing floral dresses, strappy sandals, bright lipsticks, and cross-body bags. From brunches, beach parties, karaoke nights to pool time, there are so many summer activities to enjoy. However, the summer season comes with all the heat and humidity that can make you end up looking like a mess. Lucky for you, we’ve listed down some full-proof low maintenance hairstyles that you can rock this season:

1. Bandana Are Back 

Yes, you read that right. Bandanas, the ultimate style accessory of the ’90s, is back in 2021 to take all your hair worries off your shoulders. Available in a variety of prints, colors, and materials, these will go with any outfit you choose. A floral printed one will look great with a cotton dress, whereas a silk or satin tie will be ideal for an evening gown. All you have to do is straighten or curl your hair and tie the bandana like a headband in the front. It’s quick, easy, and will keep you looking fresh all day long. 

2. Chunky Top Knot

Some days when the temperatures get particularly high, leaving your hair loose might seem like a punishment. This is why a chunky, messy top knot will be your saving grace. Tie your hair up in a bun and secure it with a hair tie. Then casually pull out some loose ends for a messy look. Finish it off by covering the hair tie with a printed scrunchie and you’ll be good to go.

A woman with braided hairstyle wearing extensions.

3. Braids

Another hairstyle that’s popular in 2021 is fishtail braids, and we don’t mean just the basic ones but different variations of these. You can part your hair from the center and try side braids, or even make a bold move of a French braided headband. These are quick, easy, and add personality to your everyday look. Pro tip: add some hair spray for everything to stay in place throughout.

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