Managing dry, unruly hair isn’t always easy. While it isn’t uncommon to have a few difficult hair days, those with naturally frizzy and unruly hair struggle on a daily basis. Whether you’re trying to style them up for an event or simply want them away from your face, frizzy hair can be quite difficult to tame. Fortunately, modern keratin treatments can be used to solve all your frizzy hair problems.

Popular for restoring and restructuring hair, Keratin or Brazilian hair treatments are all the rage right now. Keratin treatments significantly reduce blow-dry time, minimize frizz and strengthen the roots of your hair.

If you’re eager to learn more, here’s a quick guide about keratin treatments.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein found naturally in your hair, nails and skin. This proactive protein is high in amino acids and relatively resistant to scratching and tearing, in comparison to other types of cells produced by the human body. However, excessive exposure to chemicals or sunlight can cause your hair to lose some of the keratin. As a result, your hair may have increased porosity. Keratin supplements or hair treatments can help reduce this porosity and rebuild damaged areas.

Keratin Treatments

How does a Keratin treatment help your hair?

Keratin treatments make hair smoother and significantly easier to manage by essentially filling in the porosity in your hair caused by loss of protein over time.

A regular keratin treatment typically starts off with stylists shampooing your hair. No conditioner is used post-shampoo. Once the hair is around 75-80% dry, the treatment is applied to sections after which your hair will be rinsed and shampooed again.

Stylists apply a keratin-sealing serum to hair before the final blow-dry. Clients are advised to keep their hair dry until at least 4 days post-treatment.

Can you get a Keratin Treatment with Hair Extensions?

Absolutely! People with hair extensions are often wary of getting keratin treatments as it is commonly believed that they only work on natural hair. However, keratin treatments can provide results on hair extensions as well, provided that the extensions are high quality and made out of human hair. In fact, getting a keratin treatment with hair extensions can make them last longer and can also prove to be a much safer option than experimenting on your real hair.

Where can I get a Keratin Treatment from?

When it comes to keratin treatments, it’s important to consult professional hair stylists with extensive experience in the hair industry. If you’re looking for a high-end hair salon in Houston, TX, for your keratin treatment, come over to Hair Extensions of Houston! We’re a full-service hair salon offering premium hair care services, including keratin and Brazilian treatments, and installation, maintenance and coloring of hair extensions.

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