Kylie Jenner — the name alone stands out. Whether it’s because of her role in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or her beauty line; we’re certainly huge fans of her hair transformations!

Kylie Jenner has always been innovative with her hair, switching up the length, texture and color. In the last few years she’s captured our hearts with her looks. Here are just a few of our favorite ones:

Bust Out the Shade Card: Teal Ends

This is one of Kylie’s most iconic looks, in our opinion. Pairing her original dark here with a sharp burst of teal locks looks fantastic, without overdoing it.

She’s had teal on her ends as well as on her whole length multiple times. It just goes to show that no color is too weird or wacky if you’ve got the confidence.

She also makes it work by going simple on her makeup when she’s got a lot going on her head.

Ice Queen: Going Platinum

Kylie made waves when she went all ice-queen with her platinum blonde hair. The blonde was as silvery as we’ve seen it be and needless to say she really worked it. Reminiscent of Kim’s look but without her signature sleek style, Kylie made the color her own.

She often paired the color with a smoky eye and nude lips as well as a classy bodycon dress when she was feeling fancy. A red lip can be too over the top with the stark contrast of the blonde head but she’s also slayed that look too.

Hair Colors

Kylie Jenner Original Edition

A lot of people don’t give Kylie’s natural hair color enough of a chance. We actually love the subtle depth she gave her hair in 2013. Her length and body are amazing in this look which really brings out the best of the dark coffee shade.

The almond and honey lowlights give it the slightest bit of texture which compliments her skin and all-black ensemble perfectly. There’s always something to be said about keeping it subtle and classic. While we can never know for sure, it’s possible this was one of the many moments Kylie used hair extensions to achieve the look she wanted.

In short, we’re not sure that there’s something she can’t pull off and we hope you’re just as inspired as we are.

We think that you should take a cue from her and get crazy with your own locks — even though it can be a little intimidating. Come in and consult with our expert stylists and cosmetologists for the right hair look for you. Whether you want natural looking hair extensions Houston, or a hair color treatment; we’re here for you. Contact us for an appointment or visit our hair salon in Houston TX to check out our services.