It’s rare for people in Hollywood to enjoy the sort of longevity that Jennifer Lopez has. JLo is just as iconic today as she was a decade ago. From her breakout role as Selena in 1997 to her role as Ramona in Hustlers, JLo always experiments with her looks.

JLo recently ended the Versace show at MFW by bringing back the jungle green Versace dress that broke the internet back in 2000, reminding us that she was the reason why Google Images was created in the first place.

During her 22 years in business, JLo’s hair has gone through many transformations. A face as beautiful as hers can pull off any look! Whether it’s the long luscious hair she swings around in her music videos or the gritty curls she rocked playing Harley in Shades of Blue, JLO can wear her hair however she wants, and it will always look good.

Let’s take a look at JLo’s hair transformations through the most celebrated moments of her career:

1991 – Living Color

JLo first appeared on screen as a Fly Girl in the most 90s outfits you can think of. During her time on the show, the upcoming star rocked dark Marilyn Monroe curls.

1995 – My Family

We got to see JLo’s natural curls when she played Young Maria in My Family; this was her first appearance in a movie.

1997– Selena

In Selena, JLo donned Selena’s jet black hair and her iconic bangs.

1999 – VMA’s Nomination

The year 1999 was a big year for JLo; she received a VMA nomination for her song If You Had My Love. She flaunted her long hair with butterscotch highlights on the carpet.

2000 – The Grammys This is Me…Then

If you weren’t familiar with JLo before the night of the 2000 Grammys, you definitely knew who she was the day after! The 2000 Grammy Awards was the night when JLo walked on stage in the much talked about green Versace dress. She pulled her hair into a high half-up, half-down ponytail leaving some flyaways out to blow in the wind.

2001– The Wedding Planner

JLo dyed her hair a chocolaty brown for the Wedding Planner and left her natural curls out to accentuate the girl-next-door look.

2002 – This is Me…Then

JLo’s second-album came out in 2002 and featured Jenny From The Block amongst other great hits. For this album, she cut off her long layers and sported a choppy bob.

2012 – What To Expect When Expecting

Once the 2010s hit, JLo was back to her long hair. She was seen at the Golden Globes in an elegant, thick ponytail with lots of curls for texture.

2014– American Music Awards

In the 2014 AMAs, JLo pulled her back and showed off loose waves with freshly done ombre.

2017– Giuseppe Zanotti

JLo launched a shoe-line with Giuseppe Zanotti. She donned a super long, textured ponytail. Her hair extensions seamlessly blended in with her natural hair and added extra texture and volume to her hair.

2018 – Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

In 2018, JLo won the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. It’s a moment that all pop icons aspire towards. To celebrate the occasion, JLo let her long Rapunzel-esque hair down. Her hair extensions look flawless with her light brown and blonde hues.

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