International Women’s Day is approaching us pretty fast, but are you prepared to celebrate a day that’s all about you and your gal pals? No matter the day of the week, you deserve some attention and festivity on this day celebrating your womanhood. Here are some ideas to spoil yourself on this special day:

Destress at a spa

We’re barely a quarter of the year into 2022, but the stress has surely been piling up. There’s no better way to relax than indulging in a complete spa experience! Get a hydrating facial to calm down any inflammation and full body scrub that will leave your skin glowing and smelling amazing. Add in the lush environment and deliciously calming scents of a beautiful spa, and you’ll thank yourself for taking a few hours off this International Women’s Day.

Take yourself out on a date

There’s nothing more empowering than a woman putting on her best dress and taking herself out for a memorable dinner. Make a reservation at a fine dining restaurant of your choice and put on some smokey makeup to feel extra sexy while you treat yourself. The only stares you’ll get will be because of how beautiful you look! However, if that bothers you, take some girlfriends along for the ride.

Go for a fancy tea party

Imagine some bergamot tea, lavender macaroons, and rose, raspberry, and lychee choux in a luxurious garden surrounded by colorful flowers. Whether you find local cafes and bistros or organize your own tea party, that’s completely up to you! Bring your girlfriends or female family members together to create and indulge in a beautiful tea party to feel like the queens that you are.

Get some retail therapy

Let’s be honest—receiving a package that you ordered online feels like getting a gift from your past self. While this special day doesn’t justify spending all of your savings, a little indulgent shopping will only make you feel happier about treating yourself. Whether you’ve been eyeing a pair of shoes or been wanting to invest in high-quality skincare, just take the leap and go for it!

Three women with the best hair extensions in Houston hugging each other

Head over to a high-end salon

Your hair deserves some love this women’s day as well! Looking for hair salon in Houston TX ? After a year of product buildup, heat tools, and environmental damage, book a girl’s day out and head over to Hair Extensions of Houston to indulge in a wide variety of top-notch services by experienced hairstylists such as short hair extensions, premium Russian hair extensions, hair extension maintenance, or deep conditioning treatments. You can also get your hair braided or styled to look gorgeous for the rest of the day!

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