Gigi Hadid is one of the highest-paid models in the world. She’s also a face you’re sure to recognize since she’s in so many campaigns. You can’t pick up a magazine she’s not featured in.

Another thing she’s known for her is her amazing hair. Of course, it was her hair flip in the Jacquemus 2020 show that nearly broke the internet.

Shiny-Straight Hair

There’s no one else who comes to our minds first when we think shiny straight hair. It literally became an inspiration for a new barbie doll. She has a specific method to obtain that look too. She keeps coconut oil in her hair for three days and then washes it with shampoo twice to get the look.

Bubble Braids

Her newest look that has us hooked is a spin on the bubble braid trend (made famous from Y2K trends and the show Euphoria). Just part down your hair in the middle and pick two sections in the front. Use tiny elastics after small sections. Rough up the bubbles to get more volume.

2 bubble braids

Boho Waves

Gigi Hadid showed off her un-done boho waves look at Coachella (you know when it was actually happening), and we’ve been obsessed since. This look is very her and what we like to call the signature Gigi Hadid look.

It’s easy to do too. Just part your hair in the middle and put it in braids. Then just go to sleep. In the morning, use some texturizing spray, and you’re done. Voila! Boho waves for days.

Ponytail Galore

Miss Hadid is definitely a fan of ponytails, whether it’s a rolled out of bed and put your hair up look or a more defined one. Gigi Hadid looks like a rockstar with a high ponytail. On her, it doesn’t look just thrown together because of the volume she has.

Rake your fingers through the hair for better texture and tease your ponytail to achieve the same volume. It’s an effortless and chic look.

Or you can go with her more sleeked back and structured ponytail. The middle part might seem intimidating, but with a structured outfit, no-look fits better.

Gigi Hadid

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