There are less than 2% of redheads around the world. Most people you’ll see with the red tinge in their hair either dyed it, and some were lucky to be born with a passport to happiness.

Red hair is a biological blessing, and something that can add to it are luscious hair extensions. If you have red hair, out of a bottle or natural, here are some ways to pull off red hair extensions like a pro.

Match the Red Shade to Your Undertone

Natural redheads already have the hair to match their undertones, but if you’re dyeing and adding extensions to your hair, they should complement your skin tone. Vibrant reds can bring your skin color to the fore.

Red hair is a great way to show off the clarity of the skin. Plus, there is a red shade for everyone. If you want something in brown tones, try a dark red or berry red. If you’re not afraid of vibrant shades, try champagne red, pink-red, or an electric red shade.

red hair

Pick Your Products Carefully

Not every product is meant for every hair type and hair color. Redheads need ginger-friendly hair products. It’s not only rare and often coarse, so it needs some love. Read the label, or better yet, ask your stylist for recommendations.

Focus On the Eyebrows

Whether you’re a natural redhead that just added some extensions or dyed your hair red, you can’t forget the brows. Natural redheads have lighter-colored brows and lashes. And if you went red from a natural blonde, so do you. Try tinting them or using brow gels for redheads for a more cohesive look.

Keep Up on the Maintenance

Like a car that needs regular maintenance to keep functioning, so does your gorgeous red hair. If you dyed and put extensions in, you need even more maintenance to make sure your roots are covered. Your extensions need maintenance every few months as well.

red hair

Consult a Stylist

When you put in extensions, there are always certain instructions you need to follow. From wash routine to what product to use, with extensions, you must be careful. If you want to keep your extensions and red hair looking fresh, make sure to consult a stylist.

Going Red by Choice? Let Our Stylists Help

If you’re going red by choice or just want extensions for greater volume, get hair extensions for thin hair Houston, TX, from Hair Extensions of Houston! We’re a hair extension maintenance service center, and we use the safest hair extension system for installation, i.e., the original hair-loc system that attaches tiny copper tubes to the hair.

At Hair Extensions of Houston, our stylists make use of their expertise to pull through the hair extension and crimple the tube in a way that it becomes comfortable to wear and is hardly ever noticeable. Request an appointment today.