Whether you are determined to make the most of the holiday cheer, the sparkling snow, or the pastel color palette, a winter wedding remains cheery and angelic. We hate to see you make any mistakes, so here are a handful of tips to prepare for a magical winter wedding:

Prep Your Skin

You need to get started on a skincare routine that combats cracking and dryness, STAT. Think of healthy ways to rehydrate, be it through drinking 12 glasses of water a day to hydrate the body or using a sheet mask every night to pump up the dry skin — you’re sure to see results on the wedding day. You want to seem as fresh as your wintry bouquet!

Don’t forget to take care of chapped lips; no bride or groom likes kissing those!

Dress Right for the Occasion

Strapless and outdoor weddings give goosebumps an invite. We’d recommend flaunting long sleeves paired with some winter accessories to keep you warm while reading the vows. Wear thick thermal tights underneath the dress to keep yourself warm, without anyone knowing! Do the same for your bridesmaids too. You don’t want them to stay shivering while they stand by you. As for the groom and groomsmen, velvet coats can keep them warm without compromising the style.

You’d also need to look out for toasty toes if you want to enjoy your outdoor shoot; pick something comfortable while trekking through the snow, you can reserve the elegant ones for when you’re indoors.

A bride holding a bouquet


Bridal Hairstyles for a Winter Wedding

If you’re looking to keep things simple, you could throw in some braids, curls and pull it all back with your veil. But if you’re willing to flaunt a denser look, you could flaunt a classic updo or an elegant nest. Whatever it may be, you’re going to need volume and length to make the most of it — get just that instantly with Hair Extensions of Houston, the best hair extension salon in Houston, TX. We use premium quality premium Russian hair extensions that are approved at the hands of the only professional hairstylist who offers single-strand, non-damaging LOC hair extensions in Houston, TX. We’d be happy to assist you with color, texture, and other details of the hair extension installation service; book an appointment today.