You took the plunge; you went ahead and got gorgeous extensions that match your natural (or colored) locks. The next step is taking care of these babies to make sure they continue to look as stunning as they did the day you newly got them.

One of the most critical steps of caring for your extensions is ensuring the color lasts longer.

Unlike some of us who were born with crazy fast metabolisms that let us get away with eating whatever we want (we’re looking at you, Zendaya), our extensions don’t possess quite the same magical powers. If you want to maintain the life, luster and vibrance of your extensions, you’ll have to put in some effort—albeit minimal.

Read on to find out what you need to be doing to keep that bombshell color intact.

1. Wash Your Extensions the Right Way


If you’ve recently colored your extensions, you’ll have to be extremely careful about which products you use to wash them.

Avoid toxic ingredients at all costs. These will not only weaken the color of your extensions but also cause breakage and brittleness. While we recommend minimizing shampooing, we understand that it’s not always possible. For washes that can’t be avoided, be sure to use a gentle formulation that has been especially designed for hair extensions.

The Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me shampoo is perfect for extensions and provides nourishment and protection without stripping the moisture barrier.

2. Minimize Your Reliance on Styling Tools


We all LOVE a good styling session that instantly elevates our hair game and puts a little skip in our step. Little did you know, heat over 180 degrees severely damages hair cuticle—the external layer of protection on each strand.

Average hair straighteners go up to 450 degrees, which means you’re causing your hair irreparable damage by exposing it to a single session of straightening, curling or blow drying. Frequent usage of styling tools will weaken the color and tone of your extensions, leaving you with dull, lifeless hair.

Skip the damage and flaunt your extensions in all their natural glory. You’ll thank us later!

3. Avoid Chlorine Like The Plague

If you’re spending the holidays in hot tubs with your hair soaked halfway or planning to hit the pools for hot girl summer 2020, you might want to wave your hair color goodbye.

Pools and hot tubs are packed with chlorine that will take away color from your extensions faster than Steve Harvey took the 2015 Miss Universe title from Miss Colombia. Avoid them at all costs!

And no, wearing a swim cap won’t help your case.

4. Don’t Overdo Color Enhancers

Products designed to enhance hair color sound like a logical go-to for color maintenance. In actuality, we end up overdoing it and damaging our hair instead.

You need to be extra careful when you’re dealing with colored Houston hair extensions. Skip the heavy enhancers that are mostly laden with chemicals and opt for a natural serum or primer that will seal hair color instead of enhancing it.

The 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment primer does exactly that and will prevent further damage to your extensions. Instead of using six products with chemicals hidden in every second bottle, opt for an all-in-one treatment like this to give your short hair extensions Houston the TLC they need for safe and gentle color retention.