A classic ponytail might be synonymous with simplicity and comfort, but there’s no reason for it to be boring. There’s a perfect ponytail out there for every event, no matter your hair length or type. Show off your jewelry with your hair out of the way and let it be its own star of the show.

Ponytails are getting higher and bolder these days, with lots of different types of hair accessories making a fashion comeback. Scrunchies and oversized bows are all the rage, so pick and choose whatever makes you feel most like the gorgeous goddess you are.

Here’s a guide on how to rock the best ponytails this summer:

Balloon ponytail and curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have reigned supreme this year, with countless people chopping off their hair from quarantine-induced boredom to try out the look. They pair well with every hairstyle, so it’s no surprise when celebrities embraced the look together with the other hottest style—balloon ponytails.

Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair and use dry shampoo for some texture and reduced slippage. Next, curl them gently with a curling iron or a blow-dryer and round brush. Slick back the rest of your hair in a high ponytail, with multiple elastics leading down to the ends of your hair every 2 inches. Make sure to fluff out each section for a voluminous ‘balloon’ effect.


Woman with her hair in a ponytail


Half-twisted ponytail

This ‘do might look complicated at first glance, but it’s fairly simple to pull off. The elegant twist leading down to a ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for any summer weddings or galas. It can work with both straight and curly hair, making it the perfect go-to for looking chic in a rush.

Section out the hair at the top of your head and tie it at the crown, giving it lots of volume. Section out thick strands at the sides of your forehead and pull them back in another mini ponytail. Twist the two tails together in a rope braid and tie it off midway to the end.

For those with curly hair, use some curl cream for extra definition at the ends. Straight haired ladies can use a serum to make the ends shine bright.

High ponytail with flipped ends

This is a modern glam take on the popular ‘90s trend. Full, fluffy ponytails with the ends flipped upwards were a staple back in the day, and they’ve made a roaring comeback. This ponytail works best with straightened hair and encourages any highlights or lowlights to shine through.

Keep your bangs out on one side and spritz some hairspray to keep them in place. Pull the rest of your straightened hair back into a neat ponytail, and use a straightener or curling iron to flip out the ends. Wrap a thick strand of hair around the elastic for an extra classy finish.


Long ponytail with laid edges

An ultra-long ponytail is super glamorous, and styled baby hair lying flat against the temples makes the look even sleeker. It’s a loud statement look, sure to wow the audience at any formal events you may be attending.

To recreate this look, pull your hair into a long ponytail and drape it over your shoulder for some more drama. Use edge control creams to style your baby hair into coifs.

If your own hair isn’t long enough, consider getting hair extensions for the extra length and volume required for this look. Russian hair blends super well with any kind of hair type and lasts up to 2 years with proper care.

Side bangs and low ponytail

Side bangs are back in style in a big way. They pair perfectly with all kinds of ponytails with their amazing face-framing capabilities. The sideways swoop of the bangs blends beautifully into a low side ponytail.

It’s simple to make! Just style your bangs with a round brush and blow-dryer and pull them towards the side. Pull the rest of your hair back in a low ponytail that draped over the side your bangs face.

Woman having the best hair extensions in Houston

Wavy low ponytail with braided crown

Show off your forehead with this braided ponytail. The braided crown adds an essence of romance that’s further amplified by the gentle waves in the low ponytail. The added volume, along with a slight lifted bump at the back of the head makes the look super structured yet flirty at the same time.

Start by braiding across the top of your head, from one ear to the other. Tie of the end of the braid with a thin elastic and incorporate it into the ponytail at the nape of your neck. Make sure to gently curl your hair with a curling wand beforehand, with lots of mousse to hold its shape.

Twin braided ponytails

Double ponytails can give off a schoolgirl vibe, so make sure to add lots of volume and texture to keep it mature and stylish. The braids run from the front of your hair till the tie and are perfect for highlighting ombres. This versatile look can work with any hair type.

Split your hair into a half-up half-down style. Create a middle part and start Dutch braiding your hair towards the side of your head, before tying it off. Repeat on the other side.

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