Whether you’re going to a wedding, clubbing, or staying in with some pizza and Netlif—updos give you that extra oomph factor you’ve been looking for. These versatile hairstyles go with any outfit and help elevate your look.

Updos are a lifesaver when you’re in a rush, or just don’t want to bother with an elaborate hairstyle.

Look fabulous in a time crunch with these super easy, spectacular ‘dos:

Low twisted ballerina bun

The low bun has a classy element, and the additional twist mellows it out. Start with day-old curls for extra texture and volume. Section out the hair from your ears to the nape and twist them in a knot. Make a loose ponytail and wrap it up into a bun. Pinup the strands to intertwine with the bun.

Double bun

With double the cuteness of a single bun, this style takes a twist on space-buns and places them parallelly. Divide your hair into two sections, ear to ear. Make a simple bun by creating a ponytail and wrapping it around itself. Pull out some strands in the front for an effortlessly windswept look.

Low inverted braided bun

This updo may look difficult to recreate at first, but your hair will thank you for it in the end. This loose and low bun takes the pressure off your head and lets you stay stylish and comfy at the same time. Split your hair in half and create fishtail braids from the mids to the ends. Wrap it all around from one side to the other and secure it with lots of pins.

Fishtail Bun

For those who might find the updo above a bit too time-consuming, here’s a simpler bun that incorporates a fishtail. Bring out all the dimensions in your hair by making a fishtail braid and twisting it up into a loose bun for a deceivingly elaborate look.

Updo with hair accessories


Zig-Zag pigtail buns

Continuing with the double buns, this hairstyle incorporates pigtails and messy parting to make an adorable ‘do. Part your hair in half in a zig-zag pattern and make loose voluminous buns at the sides of your head. Let out some wispy pieces and look super trendy.

Messy twisted bun

Running out of time and didn’t get to wash your hair? No worries, the messier the better. Twist the sides of your hair and secure them with bobby pins. Continue twisting the rest of the hair and roll it into a bun. Leave out some pieces to fall on the side for a more natural-looking effect.

Low braided bun

This bun might look intimidating to make, but it’s fairly easy if you’re left with your fingers. Start with a French braid on the sides of your head and continue downward. Braid the middle part at the back of your head like normal and twist it all together to create this elaborate look. Make sure to secure it with lots of pins and hairspray so your creation can last the whole day.

Mid-braid updo

This classic updo with a modern touch is a gorgeous addition to your hairstyle arsenal. Make a low tucked bun at the base of your neck after sectioning out pieces of hair from above your ears. Braid those pieces and wrap them across the top of the bun. Stick in some flowers for the perfect cottage-core vibe.

Updo with braided knots

Braided knots are an old-school classic. They give off a royal vibe no matter what era it is. Divide your hair into three sections without using a comb. Braid each section separately and twist it into itself. Pin in securely to your head and you’re done!

Top wrapped bun

The best hairstyle for those with an ombre in their hair, this hairstyle is super easy and quick to achieve. Pull all your hair up to the top of your head and wrap it around in a sleek bun. This can work with all hair lengths.

Simple hair bun with the safest hair extensions in Houston

Single braided chignon

Full braids aren’t everyone’s thing, but this elegant bun with a single thin braid will add that extra flair. Make a single skinny braid and lead it down your scalp to be wrapped up with the rest of your hair in a chignon. Dress it up with some accessories or let it remain simple and classy.

Side braid chignon

Skinny braids are elegant and feminine, but maybe not for everyone. Go for a more playful and bolder updo with a chunky side braid wrapped into a bun at the nape of your neck. Add lots of volume at the back of your head with back-combing and hairspray.

Twisted low ponytail

For a chic look that can be pulled off by short to medium hair, try out this modern updo. Pull your hair into a low-side ponytail at the base of your neck. Take the tail and twist to make a loop. Pin it up to hide the ends and achieve a showstopper style with minimum time and effort required.

Headband twist updo

Intertwine your hair with a fancy headband for an elegant updo that you can wear to prom or a wedding. Put on your headband over your hair and start tucking in the ends—piece by piece—into the elastic. Fluff it out for more volume for short hair and curl some face-framing pieces.

Inverted braid updo

Put your braiding skills to use by inverting your head and starting the braid at the base of your neck. Go upwards while creating a chunky braid and wrap the rest of your hair in a loose bun at the top of your head. Take fun updos to another level!

Braid wrapped around a hair-bun



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