Let’s face it. Nobody likes split ends.

They make your hair look bad, cause them to tangle up more often and ruin the overall look. The worst part is, the only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them. Since most people don’t like to lose the length of their hair, it’s always a good idea to take some preventive measures to avoid getting them in the first place.

Here are some of our most recommended tips:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh ChemicalsOver-processing your hair with harsh chemicals for perms, straightening, extremely harsh drying and coloring can cause a lot of damage to your hair’s overall health. Try to use alternate ways to style your hair, such as going for highlights instead of a full-out color change. Not only does this reduce the amount of hair that is treated with chemicals but it also allows you to give your hair more time to recover between visits.

Ask your stylist if they have ammonia and peroxide-free products to minimize chances of damage to your hair.

Don’t Over-Shampoo Your Hair

If you tend to shampoo your hair on the daily—don’t! Over-shampooing the hair causes it to be stripped of the natural oils and making your hair more prone to drying out and getting damaged. Switch, instead, to giving your hair a wash every two or three days. A maximum of three washes per week should be sufficient to keep your hair bouncy and healthy.

Tone Down On the Towel Drying

One of the worst mistakes people make is towel-drying their hair with harsh and vigorous movements. All this results in is frizzy hair and damaged cuticles—the prime suspects of split-ends! Try instead, to blot and squeeze out the water in your hair.

Using a microfiber towel also helps as this material is highly absorbent, reduces the time required to dry your hair and the effort needed to dry it.

Get Regular Trims

The ends of our hair need regular trimming. The recommended frequency for regular trims is every 4 to 6 weeks, which allows your stylist to stop the split-ends dead in their tracks before they do more damage.

Switch Up Your Style

If you tend to wear your ponytail in the same way every day, it’s recommended that you switch the position up every now and then. Wearing your hair the same way every day can contribute to breakage in the same spot.

The key is to wearing your hair looser and varying the style. Switch your style up by alternating between letting your hair down, wearing a bun, a high pony and a low pony. There’s a style for every day of the week!

Need to get a trim to rid your hair of split-ends?

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