So you want hair extensions but aren’t sure of the length? Usually, your hair-stylist will recommend what length of hair extensions is most suitable for you.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the length of your hair extensions:

Hair Extensions For Your Longer Hair

When you have long hair and you want to look even longer with hair extensions, then it’s best to stay within 4 inches of your natural hair. Hair extensions that are more than 4 inches longer than your natural hair can become difficult to blend and may look unnatural.

If you want your hair to look even longer, buy two packs of extensions of different lengths. For example, if your natural hair is 12 inches long, buy a pack of 16-inch hair extensions and a pack of 20-inch extensions.

An expert hair-stylist will install these extensions in a way that looks natural.

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions made out of human hair look much better than those made out of synthetic hair. Although synthetic extensions look a lot more real today than what they did in the past, there’s a long way for them to go.

When using human hair extension, you have the liberty to go for longer extensions. Depending on the length you want, stay within 4 inches of your own hair. If you want to go longer, then you’re going to have to go for extensions in 2 sizes.

Hair Extensions for Thicker Hair

People use hair extensions for 2 main reasons, to make their hair look longer and/or to give it more volume.

When the goal is to make your hair look fuller, we suggest you stay within 2 inches of your original hair for the extensions to blend in without looking fake.

Tell your stylist what you’re looking for and they’ll know how many sets you’ll need to achieve your desired look. Avoid going overboard, because too many sets of hair extensions can look fake.

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