Oh, the woe of badly applied hair extensions. It’s quite possibly your worst nightmare—and ours too! Hair extensions are meant to be seamlessly blended into your hair. A lot of hair salons out there claim to be experts, offering more for less services and end up only costing their clients with badly installed hair extensions. Sadly, many A-list celebrities also fall victim to badly secured hair extensions.

So how do we avoid getting there in the first place?

Get A Skilled Technician

One of the first steps to ensuring that your hair extensions are installed perfectly is to head over to a reputable salon that has a qualified and experienced team at hand for the job. Before scheduling your appointment, view their portfolio and watch out for the following signs. Some of these mistakes can cost you not just hundreds of dollars, but may also end up damaging your natural hair!

The Blend

A picture perfect hair extension installation is blended to perfection. The blend is most visible at the uppermost layer where you hair meets the extension. Blending is often easy if your natural hair is thin, below shoulder length and layered. However, thicker and shorter hair requires much more skill. Look out for a lid-like section at the top of the hair, near the crown of your head. If you can notice it, chances are that the extensions have not been installed properly.

The Color

hair extensions

If you want your hair extensions to look natural, you need to pick a color that’s just right for your hair. Even uncolored, natural hair is seldom in one linear shade. Therefore, it’s important to adopt a subtle use of two different tones. It benefits to add highlights or low lights as they help with adjusting the tone of color for your extensions.

The Density

One of the most horrifying mistakes that we often find with clients who come to our salon to get their extensions re-done is the incorrect hair density used when applying extensions. What this does is essentially make your hair look wispy and stringy at the bottom—quite similar to a rat’s tail.

This typically occurs if you have thin and short hair but are looking to add length to it. Just remember: too much hair can look distorted! The beauty of hair extensions isn’t just in adding length to your already gorgeous hair, but to keep it looking stylish and natural too.

Ready To Get Natural Looking Hair Extensions?

With years of experience and a skilled team in place, we at Hair Extensions of Houston use the original hair-loc system to ensure your hair extensions are installed and blended to perfection. Get in touch with us at 832-717-3626 to book an appointment!