Having fine hair can be a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s easy to style, but it’s prone to looking flat soon after you’re done meticulously styling it. No amount of teasing, tousling, or adding an extra firm-hold hairspray can help some of us from keeping our strands looking limp and lifeless at the end of the day.

Fine hair means that each individual strand has a smaller diameter than coarser hair, while thin hair means that your hair follicles are less dense. So, you can have thin or thick hair that’s fine in texture!

Here’s how you can add some extra volume and texture:

Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

The best way to build a foundation for voluminous hair is to use lightweight volumizing hair products in the shower. Since these kinds of products tend to dry your hair, it’s important to ensure that they include moisturizing ingredients to keep your scalp from overproducing oils and giving your even limper strands of hair.

Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp

It’s important to use conditioner anytime your hair is wet, but you should begin from the ends and only go up to the mid-length of your hair. Your hair requires the extra nourishment since you’re opening the cuticle up and exposing the core of your hair to the elements. Glopping it right onto your roots will make your hair look limp and greasy soon after you’re done with your shower.

It’s especially harmful to women with hair extensions since they can slip right out of their bonds.

Don’t be afraid of mousse

Mousse formulas have gotten much more refined over the years—the dried out and crunchy hair that our parents and grandparents used to rock in their youth is in the past; you can achieve much more elegant styles through this hydrating product today.

Apply a volumizing mousse or whip when your hair is wet and comb it through from the root to the ends. Make sure that you’re not applying too much product since it can do the opposite of what you intended and weigh your hair down instead.

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