Beachy waves are best described as an effortless hairstyle that consists of soft waves followed by straight ends. They’re versatile and, of course, universally flattering for the “I woke up like this situation.” Here’s how you can get your hair some beachy waves:

The Overnight Beachy Waves

Get the look while you snooze! After your hair has dried about 90 percent, flip your head over to make a regular braid from three equal sections. Leave an inch and a half toward the bottom end because you don’t want that to get too crinkly. The next morning, unravel the braid and shake the roots to reveal the beachiest waves.

The Easiest Beachy Waves

If you’re the kind who can’t achieve anything other than a ponytail, you want to take up a curling iron, use a heat protectant and get to styling a few strands at a time. Don’t forget to leave out the edges; when all the sections of the ponytail are done, unfasted the band and shake it out to distribute the waves evenly.

Beachy Waves Using a Headband

It’s all about being messy, right? If you don’t want to damage your hair with heat styling, your go-to is the headband trick. Take a cotton headband, make partitions, twist your hair one section after the next and wrap it around the headband to achieve a look that says I made it straight out of the sand.

S-Shaped Beachy Waves

If you’re down for something that looks neater, start by straightening out your hair strands. Don’t forget the protectant when you do. After your hair is as straight as an arrow, start by rotating the flat iron back and forth, gliding down the hair to create sharp s-shaped bends!

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