Why is finding the perfect hair-wash schedule so elusive? If you wash your hair too much, it will become dry and brittle. But if you don’t wash it enough, it gets oily, greasy, and lifeless. So, what is the perfect middle ground?

Hair type

Each hair type and texture requires specifically formulated products for adequate nourishment. The wash routine is no exception. Thin tresses tend to get oily quicker, whereas thick hair strands can carry on somewhat longer without cleansing. Likewise, straight hair requires more frequent washing, but curly hair can go on longer without washing.

Lifestyle and activity

The kind of lifestyle you are leading has an impact on your hair. The more active you are, the more you will have to wash your hair to keep it from looking greasy. All the sweat that piles up will eventually clog your pores and make the scalp and roots dirty quicker.

Woman getting her hair shampooed


Frequency of Washing

Dry hair types must shampoo their hair at least two times a week, whereas oily hair types must wash daily. If you have normal hair, consider yourself lucky because you have the luxury of washing your hair when you need to. For days like these, you have a shower cap that’ll keep your hair dry even when you need to wash your body. You can sometimes wash your hair with just some water, rather than going for a complete wash. Embrace a little grease, let the hair’s natural oil do its thing.

Dark hair gets special treatment

If you have dark hair, you’re blessed – wash your hair twice a week regardless of its type and texture. Darker hair colors retain their shine for long, but cleaning them frequently can damage their natural shine. Shampooing brunette hair causes it to lose its pigment, resulting in a faded, mousey color.

Go dry

Dry shampoo is the best solution when you want to get rid of dirty hair without coating your tresses in shampoo and water. Remember, it doesn’t replace regular washing; it only extends the time in-between washes. It’s an ideal quick fix that absorbs dust, dirt, and sebum, leaving it smelling fresh. The ingredients in a dry spray shampoo are absorbing agents, conditioning ingredients, aerosol propellants, solvents, and fragrance.

Oil production

When you wash your hair less, it trains itself to less frequent washing. As the hair realizes a shampoo isn’t stripping it down, it reduces oil production. It may take a long time to train, but it’s worth it.

Our final verdict is that you should wash your hair once every three days at max. If you want the best results, Hair Extensions of Houston is the place for you. We’re a full-service salon offering non damaging hair extensions installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling services in Houston, TX. Book an appointment today for a consultation regarding the best products that fit your hair category.