If you’re dealing with low-volume and thin hair, the hair loc method is the mantra you need. It works by installing natural hair extensions on your scalp using safe techniques that don’t involve heat, glue, and other harmful chemicals.

Other than nourishing your hair, the loc method is also great for providing a natural volume boost. Here’s how the loc method can enhance your hairstyle:

Loc method for every hair type

Made by the most exceptional human hair, the hair loc system offers a natural look to your hairdo while blending in seamlessly. Hair extensions that use heat, glue, braiding, and other chemicals can ruin your hair quality and cause bald patches and scalp infections.

On the other hand, the hair loc system works for every hair type and is the safest option for hair extensions. It uses small undetectable copper tubes that are slid over a small section of your hair, attaching hair extensions of the same color and texture.

While the thought of copper wire on your head may seem unsettling, it has proved to be the most secure method of holding hair extensions. It’s also easy to remove, making it a way better option than taping and gluing extensions. Some ways in which you can boost your natural hair volume are:

Style your hair loc system for volume

You may think that installing extensions is great for adding length to your hair. However, with the right style and application, the hair loc system can help you boost volume. After installation, ask your stylist to give you beautiful curls. The pattern and natural blend the curly hair can make your hair look naturally full and healthy.

A woman with long locks standing in front of green plants


Install the loc system for maximum volume

If you don’t want to style your hair, just ask your stylist to install the hair extensions to improve its overall volume. The crucial thing here is to go to a professional and renowned salon with the expertise and training to customize your hair extensions to your liking.

Get a trim

Split ends can make your hair look think and brittle. If you’re overdue for a trim, consider getting it before installing hair extensions. The hair loc system will work great on equal length hair. Ask your stylist to make sure that your hair extensions blend in well with your trim.

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