Derived from the French word meaning “sweep,” Balayage is a trending hair coloring technique that has made its way through Instagram, the Grammys, and even the red carpet. Unlike other bold coloring styles, Balayage focuses on subtle, blended, and a more natural-looking style. Here’s everything you need to know about the process:

How Is a Balayage Done?

Unlike traditional highlights, experts use a free-hand coloring technique with a brush dipped in a lightener. Balayage is a more multi-tonal outcome, and you can select different colors depending on the base tone of your hair. Here’s a step by step process of a Balayage:

Your Hair Will be Examined for The Best Possible Outcome

Our professionals will begin by evaluating your hair type and even ask you for some pictures for inspiration. Make sure you have them on your phone so that all expectations are met. We will then go on to ask about your hair care routine, use of heating devices, and whether you’re looking for something high maintenance or low maintenance.

Sectioning Your Hair

Once you’ve decided on a final coloring plan, our colorists will then begin mixing up the colors to get the right tone. Your hair will then be divided into different sections depending on how light you want the final outcome to be. For a lighter shade, smaller sections will be made.

A beautiful woman with newly done Balayage.

Color Application

The lighter color will be applied first and then gradually blended into your natural hair color. This will take about 20-40 minutes for the color to catch on. Your colorists will constantly check on your hair strands to ensure the shade reaches your hair goals.

Protein Treatment

Once the color reaches the right stage, it’s time for rinsing. They will use a protein treatment to give your hair that required nourishment and finishing gloss.

Hair Cut and Blow-Dry

After the glossing, your hairstylist will then ask you if you’d like a haircut or a blow-dry. You can choose a layered cut with curtain bangs for the best look.

A Balayage is the perfect option for giving your hair a fresh, new look. If you’re looking for a professional hair colorist in Houston, look no further than our experts at Hair Extensions of Houston  We also offer a range of custom blended, non damaging hair extensions. Visit our website to learn more about our professional salon services. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to book an appointment.