Whether you woke up late before heading to work or are trying your best to make your new hair color last longer, sometimes, you just don’t have the option to wash your hair. Either way, it’s a challenge to conceal those oily roots before you head out for the day. While we all love a look that screams #iwokeuplikethis, sometimes, your hair just needs a pick-me-up.

Here’s all you need to know:

Use dry shampoo

If your hair’s starting to look a little limp, spritz some dry shampoo onto your hair along the part while lifting up strategic sections and spraying the roots. Massage only your scalp the same way that you would when washing your hair before giving it at least 10 minutes to soak up all the oils.

Don’t get tempted to add more immediately! If you still think your hair can do with some extra TLC, repeat the process and brush it out at the end if you have straight hair. Curly-haired curls can gently massage their strands until the powdery texture becomes invisible.

If you’re trying to elongate the days between your hair washes, it’s best to apply dry shampoo before you go to bed so that any oils produced during your sleep get soaked up immediately, giving you a fresh and fluffy look the next day.

Baby powder for blondes

Out of dry shampoo? Baby powder can act as an excellent alternative. Sprinkle some baby powder into strategic sections of your strands and massage it in like you would do with dry shampoo. Baby powder is much harder to massage or brush out, though, so it’s a hack that’s best left to the blondes who aren’t too afraid of ashy roots.

Oil blotting sheets

If oil blotting sheets can work for your skin, then why not for your hair? Take some blotting paper and gently pat it along the part in your hair or any other area where your roots are visible to any onlookers. It might take a couple of sheets to get an acceptable result. Flip your hair over and ruffle it up a little bit to make it look less limp!

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