I think we can all agree to have left behind the days where we could just show up at our local salons, asking them to have us go blonde or a redhead or even brunette. Welcoming the 21st century, we’ve also had to embrace the fact that hair colors will be inspired by food that could more or less have us feeling like a snack.

Just take a look at your stylists’ Instagram if you need reference and you’ll be blown away by shades like ‘Mushroom Brown’, ‘Smoked Marshmallow’, and ‘Cinnamon latte’. The collection has recently acquired a brand new edible item to inspire an enviably stunning color trend; ‘The Ginger Beer’.

The color is also called ‘burnt sienna’, and consists of warm, coppery tones that blend perfectly with transitional jackets and chunky-knit cardigans to suit the blast-from-the-past 2020 fashion bandwagon. Here’s everything you need to know about the color.

So What Even Is This Ginger-Beer Hair Trend?

If you know what a ginger beer looks like, you know what ginger beer hair looks like. Stemming from the red and auburn branch of colors, this one also sings notes of brown, amber, copper and blonde. Considering all the different shades involved in it, the palette seems to have been inspired by the autumn season.

Even then, the rich coppery undertones and the bright amber doesn’t fail to show spring and summer some well-deserved love. These tones liven up any dullness and bring add life to previously dark hair.

What You Need To Know Before Going Ginger-Beer

Even though the color is absolutely stunning, it is important to remember that hair colors with a reddish or copperish undertone require a fair commitment to maintenance and upkeep. This is because red colors fade and away and are quick to lose their original vibrancy just a few washes in.

On the occasion of you wanting to change your hair color, these tones also make a little more time to lift in order to give the new color a neutral base. So before you decide to jump on the fashion train, make sure you keep that fear of commitment aside.

How To Get The Color

There will always be people who go out and try their own hand at dyes as soon as a new hair color comes out. And even though that isn’t bad if you’re a licensed hair dresser and know what you’re doing, things can go downhill quickly if you don’t do it right and this can include permanent damage to hair.

So, the best way to get it done is at a reliable hair salon. If you’re looking for a Hair Salon Houston TX, call us up at 832-717-3626 to book your appointment. Our Houston hair Salon services will make sure that you don’t leave disappointed.