Blondes are no strangers to the dulling or yellowing of their hair. Light-colored hair is easily influenced by product build-up, heat styling, and other external factors such as pollution, making it susceptible to discoloration. In case your color turns dull, and your hair shade begins to resemble that of bananas and oranges more than platinum — we think you need to put the purple shampoo to counter the brassiness of your discolored blonde effectively:

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is an innovation based on the classic color theory. Purple is situated opposite yellow and orange on the color wheel, which means the two colors can either cancel or neutralize each other — this is why you use a purple-colored shampoo to neutralize brassy hair. This toning shampoo is the perfect solution for brightening up the yellows.

Who Should Make Use Of The Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is recommended by experts to those who either naturally have light hair or have salon achieved them via highlights. Light colors include hair colors such as white, blonde, gray, silver, platinum, or bleached hair. The shampoo has no effect on dark hair, but you must still refrain from using purple shampoo more than once a week.



A woman with light-colored hair

How To Wash Hair Extensions Using A Purple Shampoo?

Before washing your hair with a purple shampoo, you should wash your hair with a regular shampoo to remove any oil or dirt build-up from the extensions. We recommend lathering and rinsing at least two times: first to lift the build-up and second to rinse it all away. You can now get on with diluting the purple shampoo if you want to reduce the overall strength of the pigment — this can help you ensure that your extensions don’t soak up excessive purple hues.

Next, apply the purple shampoo directly onto the extensions. Make certain that all the strands are evenly coated while keeping them as straight as possible. Don’t forget to work it up fast since hair extensions are prone to soaking up the pigment of the shampoo. Wring out excess water after washing the hair.

Follow with a conditioner that helps restore the acidic pH of the hair extensions that might have been stripped away by the alkalinity of the shampoo. After the conditioner has saturated the hair extensions, rinse the hair thoroughly and dry using a towel. Finally, you can choose to air dry or blow-dry your hair extensions.

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