Being a mom is probably the toughest job on Earth! Whether your kids are babies and toddlers, or teenagers, you’re probably always on the move. Cooking, chauffeuring, shopping, cleaning, and teaching are just five of about a million things you’re juggling daily.

Even with all of this work, moms need to take time out for themselves to look good so they can feel good about themselves. Here are a few quick tips for the all-star women that need to look fab in five minutes.

Messy bun

A messy bun doesn’t seem like a style; it’s more like what happens after a day of running after two-year-olds. However, that’s not entirely true. If done right, a messy bun can make your sweats and t-shirt combo look curated rather than accidental.

Take day two or three hair, pull them up into a ponytail, and instead of pulling your hair all the way through, leave the end in your band. Repeat this, and soon your hair will be piled high atop your head in Tumblr lazy girl fashion!

Quick curls

Quick curls are the best option for moms that need to look good for a soccer game or a playdate. Just warm up your iron on high heat as fix your hair into a ponytail. Divide your hair into sections and curl each one. Try changing up your angle with every part for the beachy casual look.

Release your hair and spray some sea salt texture serum for a tousled result. Scrunch your hair a little to make them look styled and you’re good to go.

Extensions galore

An easy way for a mother to look polished and perfect all the time is to get some extensions. Make sure to visit a good hair salons in Houston offering specialized extension services. Ask the stylist to use a range of color tones to give your hair dimension as well as volume. The result will end up being healthy-looking locks that will be the envy of all!

Know Your Hair

Quick Styling Tips1

The best way to take care of your hair is to know what works, especially if you’re suffering from post-partum hair loss. A professional stylist can probably asses it, give you a rejuvenating treatment and give you advice on how to maintain and treat it.

Our expert cosmetologists at Hair Extensions of Houston can give you the insight you need. Whether it’s copper lock permanent extensions, hair restoration, or a simple cut and color, our staff knows what they’re doing. Call us at 832.717.3626 for an appointment now at our Hair salon in Houston