Some of us are born with naturally thick hair; others have to put a lot of effort in. It’s not easy maintaining the Dolly Parton volume when you don’t have naturally thick hair. It involves a lot of backcombing, blow drying and use of product; the only problem with these things is—they are horrible for your hair!

Hair extensions are a simple and safe way to achieve the voluminous look you desire. Eurolock hair extensions don’t involve braiding your hair or the use of glue/tape, so hair follicles aren’t damaged in the process.

When hair extensions are installed correctly, they can give you curls that don’t flatten out, the fluffy, edgy lobs that never look boring, and the voluminous braids that you can’t get at home.

Once you’ve installed your hair extensions, here’s what you can do to get extra poof:

Use a Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing shampoos make hair lighter and give it a boost in the roots. It also opens up the roots to give them height and make them look thicker than they are.

To get your hair to look fluffy, use a shampoo that is free of toxins and has a lightweight conditioner, that can be rinsed off easily. People with fine hair should also stay away from overly creamy formulas because they’ll weigh down the hair and make it look flat and oily.

Add Texturizing Spray or Some Dry Shampoo

Texturizing Spray or Some Dry Shampoo

Texturizing spray gives fine hair a weightless hold so it can be styled to look bigger without feeling heavy and clumpy. The spray should be used on wet before blow drying; adding some dry shampoo will instantly poof it up.

Flip Your Hair Over When Blow Drying

Flipping your hair over when blow drying is the simplest way to get instant volume. If you don’t know how to blow out your hair at home, then flipping your hair over when blow drying is the best way to fake natural volume.

If it’s volume that you want, the stylist at a hair salon in Houston TX will give you just that. Our trained stylists know exactly where to install extensions to give you the lift you’re looking for.

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