Hollywood celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion. As the tastes of these celebrities change, the trends for formalwear and hairstyles shift too. Stylists of each of these celebrities put a lot of thought into hair and its accessories. They realize the importance of a good hairdo on any formal or casual occasion. Some of these hairstyles end up becoming the favorite of many fans and followers around the country. Here are a few hairstyling trends that are predicted and recommended by the hairstylists of celebrities for 2022.

1. Long and Straight

While short hair has been trending for a while, long hair is predicted to make a comeback in the upcoming year. You will see a lot of celebrities with long and luscious locks styled in a wavy or straight manner. So, if you were planning on chopping your hair off for the New Year, you might want to reconsider. And if you can’t grow your hair long enough for the upcoming year, give non-damaging hair extensions a try!

2. 90’s Tendrils

Remember the famous tendrils trend that many celebrities darned in the 90s? Tendrils are thin and dainty sections of hair styled at the front to give you the ultimate chic look that everyone adores. Once you get bangs, you might not know what to do when they grow out. Tendrils are an easy way to let your bangs grow out without having to use accessories like hair bands, clips, or slides.

A girl twisting her hair strands

3. Layered Haircut

People who want to create volume in the hair without reducing its length prefer face-framing layers over a short bob. This trend will also be hot amongst your most favorite celebrities for the year 2022. Hair extensions offer the right volume to pull off this hairstyle and reduce the hassles of daily styling.

4. Effortless Style

This style requires no styling tools or accessories, as obvious by the name. Natural highlights blended in with long wavy hair are expected to be big in 2022.

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