Disclaimer: For hair treatments like rebonding or keratin, consult your hairstylist.

For smooth and silky hair, you can either go for non-damaging hair extensions or hair straightening treatments. One such hassle-free treatment is hair rebonding. You can get rebonding at your nearest full-service hair salon in Houston.

It’s a multistep process; it breaks the existing natural bonds in your hair and changes the way your hair looks. Your hair looks smoother and straighter. If you want to learn more about hair rebonding, keep reading.

How It Works

The process is time-consuming for hair rebonding as multiple powerful chemicals must be used. First, all the hydrogen bonds in your hair’s keratin molecules are broken down. Then, new hair bonds are formed by changing your hair’s structure. This straightens your hair. As a result, your hair looks straighter.

The Process

First, your hairstylist will wash your hair and let it air-dry to see your natural hair texture. If you have hair extensions in your hair, they would need to be taken out. This wash is essential for removing dirt, oil, and any buildup on your scalp.

After the hairstylist learns about your hair’s natural texture, they will section your hair and apply a cream. This cream is known as a “relaxant,” which stays in your hair for about 30 minutes. This relaxant breaks down the bonds in your hair follicles.

Then, your hair is steamed using a steaming tool. After this, your hair is rinsed and blow-dried. Then your stylist will apply keratin lotion to your hair which will set new bonds in your hair. Then a layer of the neutralizer is applied on top to stabilize the new bonds.

After 30 minutes, your hair is rinsed again and then blow-dried. The finished style will be hair straighter than actual naturally straight hair. This is a permanent treatment, and when your hair starts to grow, it will grow in its natural texture.

 A woman with blonde hair extensions before rebonding

After Effects

After hair rebonding, your hair looks smooth, glossy, shiny, and straight. Your frizz is toned down. If you have dyed, dry, bleached, or damaged hair, hair rebonding can damage your hair further.

It’s always best to consult a professional hair stylist and ask for their guidance in achieving your desired result. Dryness and hair breakage is common hair rebonding side effects. Rebonding is a smoothing treatment, but you can go for other smoothing processes as well, like keratin treatments.

Need Professional Guidance?

For smoother hair, you can try rebonding or simply go for high-quality hair extensions. A hairstylist at our full-service hair salon in Houston can guide you better about various hair treatments.

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