Hair extensions are the secret to gorgeously thick tresses and added volume. New hair extensions can make your look go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes.

So, if you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new set of hair extensions, you’ll want to care for them as best as you can. We know that extensions don’t come cheap, their high-quality does come with a price tag, but it’s all worth it if you care for them right!

A little bit of extra care and thought will make your hair extensions go a long way. With these aftercare tips, you’ll be rocking your shiny new hair extensions day in, day out.

Brushing Your Hair Extension

Always make sure to brush out the tangles in your hair extensions gently, lest you tug them out completely. Brush with great care from roots to tips by using a bristle paddle brush or a hair brush specifically for combing out hair extensions. Remember, never put too much force on the extensions, and work through them tenderly!

Washing Your hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, make sure to avoid chemically loaded drug store shampoos.

When it comes to high-quality hair extensions, make sure to use either high-end products or good quality salon shampoos. Brush your hair before showering. Then gently lather them with shampoo. Work it through the strands and on your scalp and rinse out completely. Make sure to leave no reside behind. Finish off with a good conditioner for that silky luster.

Washing Your hair Extensions

Styling Your Hair Extensions

Always make sure to use heat protection products prior to heat styling your hair extensions. They can prevent possible heat damage rough texture. Ensure that your hair extensions are completely dry before you style them. Part hair sections neatly and blow-dry, heat, curl, or crimp as desired.

Sleeping in Your Hair Extensions

Are you afraid your hair extensions may come loose as you move your head around while sleeping? If they’ve been attached well in the first place, you don’t need to worry about it. But for the sake of proper care, make sure you tie down your hair in a loose braid, or tie it up in a silk wrap before you sleep. And remember; never go to bed with wet hair!

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