How does a good hair day make you feel? Most of us acknowledge that looks matter, and a lasting impression can impact your social, professional, and personal lives. This is the reason why a good hair day can have significant positive effects on your mental wellbeing.

In this blog, we’ll dig into the psychology behind good hair and its impact on your style and self-esteem:

Good hair makes a lasting impression

Hair is an essential part of your look. The importance placed on hair dates back to ancient history when Greek and Roman rulers wore wigs as a sign of wealth and dignity. Hence, the human tendency has always associated good hair with wisdom and sophistication.

Similarly, science notes that hair is considered the most crucial feature in making first impressions. After height and weight, people often remember the hair of a person. Hence, when you want to make a lasting impression, pay extra attention to your hair to make sure it looks great!

Good hair makes you more attractive

Nicely styled hair can make your appearance look well-maintained. Different psychology studies have shown that our sense of attractiveness is strongly associated with positive self-esteem and confidence. When your hair is well-managed, it can make you feel beautiful, boosting your confidence and making you more attractive.

Woman waving her blond hair in front of a leafy background

It makes you feel empowered

Good hair can boost your confidence by making you feel in control. When you get your hair trimmed, colored, or style to your liking, you feel that you can choose what happens to it. Taking care of your hair also eliminates any insecurities that may have developed due to falling or thin hair.

Hence, getting a hairstyle that suits your face’s shape and enhances your overall look can make you feel empowered.

It makes you feel beautiful in your skin

While age, illness, and other factors can take a toll on your physical health, damaging your hair quality, a leisurely visit to a salon can make you feel beautiful in your skin. Hair extensions added to give the extra volume boost to your hair and a stunning hairdo can make every special occasion memorable.

Unlike cosmetic and surgical interventions that can have many side-effects, the hair loc system at Hair Extensions of Houston is designed to provide safe hair extensions. Our non damaging hair extensions are suitable for long and short hair.