According to the rule book, hair extensions should never fall out because no one has the time for that. We’re not talking about a few strands that pop out over the life span of hair extensions; that’s absolutely normal. We’re talking about the whole of your extensions falling out; in that case, you should hold onto them for dear life while trying to book your hair technician for an appointment to fasten the extensions right back in. But here’s what to do to prevent your extensions from falling out unnecessarily:


Rethink Your Hair Care Products

Your hair care routine should include a clarifying shampoo that successfully removes the build-up from your scalp and hair. Because hair extensions are porous, they tend to become heavy after shampooing due to soaking up moisture — this is why you want to take extra caution while brushing and blow-drying your hair.

The excess amount of oil generated from the scalp, which accumulates due to product build-up, will only weaken the grip of the extensions onto your natural hair. It’s also recommended to avoid using conditioners as they too can lubricate the bonds, causing the extensions to fall out. You want to invest in hair treatments that target the lower ends on the extension rather than the roots.

Supporting the Extensions

You want to be careful about how you brush your hair that has extensions fitted — the bristles of a brush are likely to snag the extensions, causing them to fall out. Try using a detangle brush instead, and always hold your hand over the bonds while brushing to relieve any excess pressure on the hair.

Another habit that will keep your hair extensions from falling out is wearing your hair up while exercising.

Hair with extensions to add length and volume


The Right Hair Extension Application Technique

The hair loc system is an effective hair extension installation technique that goes a long way. At Hair Extensions of Houston, our hairstylists are trained extensively to execute the correct single strand, non-damaging LOC hair extension procedure for hair extension installation. We use high-quality premium Russian hair extensions that are attached to the natural hair using copper tubes that clamp flatter for a discreet look.