Who wouldn’t want to flaunt thick, shiny hair? Unfortunately, many factors that prevent you from growing healthy long hair.

Hair extensions offer a convenient solution to those who want voluminous hair, but maintaining hair extensions requires work.

Here’s how to look after your hair extensions:


Hair extensions can get tangled easily, they don’t have natural moisturizing oils so de-tangling them is a lot harder since they are prone to breaking. To prevent damaging your extensions, make it a habit to bush them regularly using a soft bristle hairbrush.

Start by brushing the ends and then slowly make your way up to mid-length and the roots. Always be gentle when brushing hair, whether it’s your natural hair or the hair on extensions.

When you sleep, tie your hair up using a silk cloth or in a neat twist or braid so it doesn’t get tangled.


After you’re done brushing your hair, soak it in warm water. Be careful not to dip your hair forward, and work a little bit of shampoo onto your scalp. Wash your hair from the crown down using a circular motion. When the shampoo reaches mid-length let it rinse off. Make sure you rinse the hair thoroughly, especially in the areas where the extensions bond to your real hair.


Conditioning your hair extensions is just as important as conditioning your hair. Wring your hair to remove excess water from your hair. Keep your conditioner away from your scalp and only condition mid-length to the scalp; massage a dollop of conditioner into your strands. Use a wide-tooth comb to ensure that all your hair strands are coated. Leave the conditioner in there for 5-6 minutes before washing it off.

Wash the conditioner off with lukewarm water.

Dry Your Hair

Once the hair is rinsed, remove any excess water and wrap either a microfiber towel or cloth around your hair. Don’t rub the hair as it will cause breakage. Comb or brush your hair with a soft bristle brush; start at the bottom and work your way up to the roots. Remember not to pull too hard on the extensions because they can become loose.

Drying and Styling

You can dry your hair naturally or with a hair-dryer. Avoid using a hair-dryer if you already have frizzy, dry hair.

You can rub lightweight essential oils and serums to prevent frizzing and to add some shine.

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