Hair extensions today are a go-to for many women and men for a lot of reasons. While some may be looking to add depth and volume to thin, frail hair, others might have opted for a hair extension installation to combat damaged hair—think Ariana Grande—while others still could just be in the midst of the awkward “growing hair out” phase!

Regardless of the reason, hair extensions can be a valuable way of changing up your look without significantly damaging your natural hair. But given the amount of misinformation floating around the Internet, it’s little wonder so many people tons of myths associated with hair extensions! These can then convince them to never try out the Holy Grail of hair styling—making them miss out on so much!

So, before you too fall into the trap of hair extension conspiracy theories, we debunk some common hair extension myths people need to stop believing!

Myth#1: Hair Extensions Damage Natural Hair

One of the biggest reasons why many people stay away from hair extensions is the misconception that they can end up damaging your natural hair. Many believe that the extensions will get tangled with your hair, break the strands and leave them extremely thin—but this is rarely the case!

If high quality, human hair extensions are installed properly by a licensed cosmetologist, and are taken care of properly, they cause no damage to your natural hair.

Micro-linking is one of the safest and fastest way to get longer, thicker hair.

Hair Extension Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Myth#2: Hair Extensions Are Difficult To Maintain

Not at all! Much like you would take care of your own hair, extensions require little else than a bit of extra care to keep them looking healthier, shinier and knot-free! Read through our guide to taking care of hair extensions to make them last longer.

Myth#3: Hair Extensions Weigh Your Head Down

When you start wearing hair extensions for the first time, your head may initially feel a little heavier. But that’s completely normal! 180 gms of hair extensions will feel exactly as heavy as 180 gms of natural hair would! People with sensitive scalps also report having headaches, which can be easily avoided by getting the help of a licensed cosmetologist to install the extensions slightly lower than right at the scalp.

Myth#4: Hair Extensions Are Noticeable

High-quality, professionally installed micro-bead and loc system extensions not only match the natural hue of your hair perfectly but are also indistinguishable from your natural hair! The trick to this is to choose the right kind of extensions for your hair type, texture and color.

The licensed professionals over at HEH are experienced in the art of making your hair extensions look natural, blend in seamlessly, and be easy to wear. Specializing in providing superior quality, human-hair extensions, our products are designed to make hair extensions easier to maintain, last longer and prevent tangling.

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