Think summer is the only time you can experiment with your hair? Nothing could be further from the truth!

Winter is the perfect season to debut a new hair color. However, deciding which color to go for can be mind-boggling for some. While the general rule of thumb is to go for darker shades as the temperature falls, the trends also seem to be shifting toward lighter tones in 2019.

If you’ve finally decided to switch up your hair color, but the overabundance of options is leaving you stumped, inspire yourself by taking a look at our top picks for the season!

Cold-Brew Hair

Cold-Brew Hair

It isn’t just for coffee!

Cold-brew is a hair color trend that gained massive popularity in the fall of 2018 and it still seems to be going strong in 2019. It’s best described as a combination of deep brunette with hints of chocolate, red and golden hues. Face-framing chestnut highlights add more dimensions to this chic and trendy hair color.

Dark Ruby Red

Dark Ruby Red

For a dramatic hair transformation, choose dark ruby red. When choosing red as a hair color, some people struggle to find hues that complement their skin tone perfectly. Dark Ruby is a variant of red that suits virtually every skin complexion. This rich and deep hair will certainly turn heads wherever you go!

Caramel Ombré

For natural brunettes, caramel ombré is the perfect hair color to try in winters, as it requires minimum lifting. Subtle shades of caramel meld seamlessly with dark brown tones and add fluidity and dimension to your hair, regardless of its length.

Toasted Chestnut Brown

If the red hair trend has caught your attention, but you’re looking for a more subtle option to try, go for toasted chestnut brown. Not only will it enhance your original hair color, but it’ll also add subtle but visible red undertones to it at the same time.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

You can never go wrong with honey blonde!

This combination of light brown and golden has the ability to make you look sun-kissed and is the ultimate shade for both blondes and brunettes looking for a hair transformation that isn’t too bold.

Tinsel Tones

Metallic pastels have been all the rage this winter. Cool tones such as Millennial pink and sea foam green may not seem like the conventional hair color choices for winter, but look extremely unique and eye-catching if applied correctly.

Still puzzled?

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