With the pandemic situation gradually stabilizing, the wedding season is now in full swing.

As a bride-to-be, you’re probably thinking about the many preparations that go into your big day. From finding the perfect dress to picking out a caterer, there are so many things to think about!

Now is the time to pay extra attention to your hair and give it all the love it needs. You may not know it, but many things can go wrong with your hair before the big event. From frizz and flyaways to greasy roots, from over-washing to too much product build-up, these issues can make even the most poised bride look less than her best.

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Here are some great tips on caring for your hair nearing your wedding day:

Get a Chic Haircut

With your wedding right around the corner, you’re probably the star of the show, and all the limelight’s on you!

A wedding isn’t just one function; but instead, there are many small events and dinners that you’ll need to look your best for. Getting a chic haircut will ensure that every time you step out, you look effortlessly put together.

It will also significantly take away from the time you spend blow-drying your hair or styling it. That serves two benefits in one so that you’ll also stay away from the heat damage.

Great haircuts are also easy to style and give your hair a lustrous shine and bounce that will hold almost any hairstyle on your big day.

Avoid Over Washing Your Hair

Contrary to popular opinion, shampoo isn’t your best friend.

While it’s essential to eliminate the dirt and oils that accumulate on your scalp and strands, over-shampooing can pose a threat to the health of your hair.

Most women use off-the-counter shampoos that contain harmful chemicals, including parabens, silicone, and sulfates, which damage the exterior of the hair and infiltrate the follicle to cause damage. This eventually results in dry and brittle hair.

Switch to dry shampoo for days when you don’t really need a wash, and consult our salon experts for product recommendations that suit your hair type and cause minimal damage.

Use Serums

The last thing you want is for your hair to look lackluster on the big day once it’s been styled.

Focus on replenishing the moisture of your strands by incorporating serums into your daily regimen. This will rejuvenate the strands and protect against sun damage and tangles in the morning from sleeping.

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Consider Getting Hair Extensions

For brides, we always recommend our natural premium Russian hair extensions that are non-damaging. At Hair Extensions of Houston, we use the Loc System that’s easy and quick and maintains the quality of your hair. Take a look at our work.

Pamper yourself for your big day with a premium hair treatment, hair color, or high-quality hair extensions.

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