Growing your hair out so it looks long and healthy can take years. Luckily, with the availability of high-quality hair extensions, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow.

People avoid long extensions because they can be so hard to maintain. No one wants to invest in extensions that look damaged and tangled.

With our guide for maintaining long extensions, you can wear your hair long without worrying about damage:

Trim Them

Yes, just like your natural hair, you’re going to need to trim your extensions to keep them from looking choppy and damaged. A certified stylist will know how to trim your extensions against the cut of your real hair and blend them together seamlessly.

Your natural hair should blend with the longer hair from the extensions so it looks like its shortest layer.

Get Your Hues

Contrary to what people think, our hair is made up of many hues, not just one color. An experienced stylist knows that in order to make your hair extensions look natural; they will need to incorporate just as many hues into them.

Don’t make the mistake of dyeing your hair extensions yourself if you’re going for a natural look. Human hair needs to be handled with care—even when it’s not growing out of your hair. When you have hair extensions it’s best to leave the coloring to the experts.

Curl It

Curl It

Blending straight extensions into your natural hair can be very difficult. It’s much easier to curl your hair so it forms layers and spirals; this way your short natural hair can easily be hidden by the glory of your long natural curly tape in hair extensions.

Don’t Go Overboard

Very rarely can people grow out their hair and maintain volume at the same time. Going overboard with hair extensions and adding too many sets will make your extensions look obvious. Let your hair stylist tell you how many sets will look best on your head. If your head starts looking way too big, then you know you’ve gone overboard.

The stylists at Hair Extensions of Houston know the secrets to making your long hair extensions look natural.

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