Purple shampoo is renowned as a holy grail product when it comes to hair care for blondes, but what about brunettes? Adding green shampoo to your routine can help you bring some extra flair and freshness to your beautiful strands. Finding a good shampoo for brunette hair isn’t a challenging task, but a basic product can only give you basic results.

Using a shampoo that’s specifically meant for your hair type and color will make your hair feel alive! Here’s all you need to know about green shampoo:

What exactly is green shampoo?

Green shampoo, similar to purple and blue shampoo, contains color neutralizing characteristics. It’s like a color corrector, but for your hair! The same way that you’d use an orange color corrector to hide any blues in your skin or green over the red scars of acne, the green shampoo helps users neutralize unwanted tones of red in dark brown hair.

Who can use it?

Brunettes range from deep, warm tones to light brown hair with cool blue undertones. To ensure that green shampoo is the right choice for your hair, make sure that you analyze its tone first.

Green shampoos are great for brunettes whose hair tone lies on the deeper end of the color spectrum. If you have light brown hair, it’s best to opt for blue shampoo to reduce any orange or brassy tones. Most shades of deep brown hair have strong red undertones, so anyone with medium or deep brown hair can use green shampoo.

When can you use it?

Whether you have naturally brown hair or have recently dyed your hair in that color, incorporating green shampoo into your hair care routine can help you get the best out of it.

Always make sure to wear gloves before putting them on to avoid staining your hands, and don’t use it more than twice a week to avoid inviting a green tinge into your hair. Stay away from green shampoo if you have blond or light brown hair since it will turn your hair green—green-colored hair products are specifically designed for darker shades of brown.

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