While remaining quarantined is important, that doesn’t mean you need to stop experimenting with your style, makeup, and hair.

One of the best ways to beat the self-isolation blues is taking care of yourself and indulging in a sufficient amount of glorious “me” time.

Whether you’re working from home, taking some time off, or trying to get through the semester, making time for self-care will help you feel refreshed and enlivened.

Been neglecting your locks? It may be time to toss the toxins out and invest in a pair of dreamy hair extensions that help you power through these trying times with a smile on your face and a glistening pair of locks swishing along your back.

We’ve rounded up five reasons to wear hair extensions once the situation improves to help kick-start your motivation!

1. Dramatic Volume and Glamour

What better way to give your hair the body, volume, texture, and glamour it deserves than by indulging in a fresh pair of extensions?

If you’ve been struggling to revive fine and brittle locks, extensions are a great way to get ample intensity and flair without exposing your hair to texturizing clay, heat damage, and volumizing spray. Our premium Russian hair extensions are installed using the original hair-loc system to ensure your makeover looks seamless and revitalized.

We recommend running a few drops of nourishing oil along your extensions to add instant shine and radiance.

2. Ultra-Sleek Length!

Tired of your short locks? Hair extensions are a surefire way to gift your natural locks with stunning inches that look as great as they feel.

Recreate Kylie Jenner’s majestic style by opting for colored extensions that take your look to new heights! Whether you experiment with bold colors or play it safe with natural brunette, blonde, or cherry extensions, you’ll be taken aback by the ultra-sleek length.

3. Can’t Stand Wasting Precious Hours on Styling Each Morning? Don’t!



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If you’re someone who loves to get back into bed within minutes of waking up, extensions are an easy go-to.

Maintain volume and intensity without spending hours on styling by indulging in individualized Russian extensions that not only fit seamlessly, but also look effortlessly natural and gorgeous. The texture and length will help you save a ton of time in the morning.

We recommend going to bed with a weightless leave-in treatment in your extensions to ensure you wake up with luscious locks that require little to no touch-ups.

4. Maintenance Who?

Whoever said extensions require a lot of maintenance probably didn’t get Russian hair extensions.

If you’re worried about being forced to adhere to an extensive set of precautionary measures and guidelines, you’ll be relieved to realize that no such rulebook exists.

Premium Russian hair extensions require minimal maintenance. As long as you care for your extensions like you care for your natural locks, you’re good to go! Here’s a guide on low-maintenance extension care to help you get started.

5. A Whole New World… A New Fantastic Hairdo Each Day!


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Tired of throwing your locks into a high bun? Extensions unlock the portal to an endless room of experimentation and creativity!

Use your new locks as a canvas for self-expression by trying stunning styles that your hair refused to hold in the past.

Whether you create a stunning half up-do like Chantel Jeffries or twist your locks into thick and voluminous Dutch braids, the newfound texture and length will help you experiment with a plethora of styles.


Embark on your dazzling makeover by indulging in a pair of premium Russian hair extensions installed using the original hair-loc system. Browse through our blog for inspiration as you wait for the situation to get better. For more information about our services and reopening, reach us at our Hair Salon in Spring by calling 832-717-3626.