Imagine stepping out into the cold winter chill with hair that’s the darkest shade of auburn, blazing under the sun like fire. People shirk away as you pass by.

Want to change your hair color yet?

If you do, we’ll consider our attempt successful.

Seasonal changes allow you to get creative and reevaluate how you feel about certain aspects of your look and environment.

It’s always good to express yourself as freely as you can, and your hair is no exception. Here are some of our favorite winter hair colors that are trending this season—just waiting for you to play around with them.

The Highlighted Brunette

Glossy Shades

This look is simple, subtle, and yet warm and sophisticated; perfect for bringing out the cozy undertones of winter, these warm balayage highlights will bring comfortable light into dull, gloomy days.

The look consists of a dark single-colored base, brought to life with some strands of blonde that are painted on the hair with elegant strokes that use the sophisticated French balayage technique.

Mocha Brown Sombre

You know what’s a step up from an ombre?

A Sombre! (or a soft-ombre) and we’re loving it this winter season!

Throw in three different shades of mocha and you have the most perfect winter hair! Go deep and brown with a hint of platinum and it will bring out the warm glow of the soft winter sun.

Auburn—Everlasting SpringEverlasting Spring

This auburn look feels like it should be in our spring look book, but here’s why we’re stanning everyone rocking it in these freezing winds: it makes you the brightest thing in the room on the darkest of days!

What’s better than a splash of color when you need it?

Deciding on a hair color can be hard, but if any of these styles seem to vibe with you, give us a call at 832-717-3626 and let’s see what we can do about your brand new look!

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