Celebrities. The ones people hate to love and love to hate. With every second of their lives under constant observation, most celebrities are under constant pressure to always look flawless. Whether that be because of their ultra luxurious, super trendy red carpet outfits or perfectly coiffed hair, celebrities dress to impress—and impress they do!

From Kim Kardashian’s ultra-sleek, slicked-back hairstyles to Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail, there are some hairstyles that have left an impression on us. Not only are these easily attainable, they’re also super fashionable—and that’s why we love them so much!

Here are a few easy celebrity hairstyles to try out with your new HEH loc extensions:

Kate Middleton’s Royal Curls

Kate Middleton may be the undisputed queen of classy, elegant royal attire, but the only thing that can match up to the Princess’s rocking style sense is her equally flawless hair. Known as the “Chelsea Blowout” by her hairstylist, her signature loose curls are easy to recreate, ultra fabulous and super low-maintenance!

Just divide your hair into six sections, detangling with our Diane Fluff Comb and finishing it up by using a radial brush with a curler to get those perfect, loose curls!

Rockers of short hair rejoice! With Hair Extension for Houston’s premium quality original hair extensions, you too can get the loose curls of your dreams!

The Olsen Twins’ Beachy Waves

Olsen Twins’ Beachy Waves

The Olsen twins have been rocking their signature beachy waves for as long as we can remember. And why shouldn’t they, when they look this good on them!

The beachy waves are all about volume! Using a mix of texture sprays, hair extensions and a simple curling wand, you too can achieve this mermaid-esque look in no time at all!

Part your hair at the middle after integrating hair extensions to your natural hair. Use our thermal protection oil, Loma Nourishing Oil to protect your locks.

Grab a section of your extensions and wrap them around the wand for a few seconds, taking care to handle them gently. You might also want to stay away from wrapping them too tightly around the wand or for too long. Once you’ve successfully curled all sections of your hair, run our Diane Large Fluff Comb through your hair for those perfect, beachy curls.

Kim’s Ultra-Sleek Look

Kim’s Ultra-Sleek Look

The ultimate fashion icon, everything Kim does becomes a style statement. And the same is true for all her hairstyles! While she has experimented with her hair a lot, she has since become known for her classy, ultra-sleek looks, from hair to toe.

According to her stylist, achieving the sleek, straight and shiny hair is not difficult at all!

Simply use long, straight extensions and apply our 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment Spray and use dry shampoo before straightening your hair. Apply our Loma Nourishing Oil to protect your hair and extensions from the damaging effects of direct heat.

And that’s all it takes to achieve Kim’s signature, straight black locks!

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