I think we can all agree that hunting jobs can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Especially if you just got an interview call from your dream employer, you’re probably flipping through pages making sure you don’t miss anything out.

However, there is more to an interview than what you answer to the questions. Don’t get us wrong, your knowledge and experience are still two of the most important factors here, but looks and first impressions can matter a lot more than you give them credit for.

There is a lot interviewers can gauge from just your looks and how you’ve chosen to present yourself. Here’s what your hairstyle tells interviewers about you.

The sleek Short Look—’I’m Professional And Organized’

Getting The Job2

Short and sleek hair is associated with practicality and organization. People who are dedicated to their work prefer to keep their hair in a style that doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to manage. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have short hair to show off your practical and organized side.

If you have beautiful, long hair, even wearing them in a style that keeps them neatly tucked away from your face and prevents any stray hair will deliver the same message. So, when you’re going to your next interview make sure you tame down any frizziness and flyaways and focus on keeping it neat.

If you need help getting your hair to behave, our deep conditioning treatments moisturize hair from within making them silky, smooth and easy to style.

Playful Fringes—‘I’m Cheerful And Super Enthusiastic’

Getting The Job3

Bangs and fringes generally have a very playful and enthusiastic aspect to them and guess what? Companies and hiring managers are always on the look-out for teammates who are cheerful, easy to get along with and enthusiastic about their work.

So, if you have fringes, they might actually work out really well in your favor. However, if you don’t, you can always get them with us! Our stylists in Houston, TX will make sure to give you fringes and bangs that bring out the best in your bright personality.

Long And Strong—‘I Follow Great Work Ethic And Am A Team Player’

Getting The Job4

Long hair requires commitment, care and looking after. So naturally, people with healthy, long hair are associated with having a high level of dedication, the aptitude to follow through and being accommodating.

These people are also thought of as easy to get along with, talk to and highly efficient in their work. The good thing is that these hair rules don’t only apply to or are limited to interviews. These are universal and are applicable anywhere; whether you’re talking to your date, an employer, a client or even a business partner.

So, if you want to lead with your dedication and commitment and want to get long hair fast, a great alternative is hair extensions.

If you want to try out non damaging hair extensions in Houston, TX, we offer top quality Russian Hair Extensions services. To make an appointment, call us at 832-717-3626 at our hair extensions salon in Houston TX.