Tired of how dating has been turning out for you and decided to finally download Tinder? We’re rooting for you! However, Tinder can be a vicious playground and you need to make sure you’re playing all your cards right.

Since it’s an online platform, the first thing people see about you, is how you’ve chosen to present yourself. Contrary to popular belief, instead of being all about looks, its more about what you’ve chosen to do with them.

You can’t be too dressy, or it will look fake and plastic-y, and you can’t look like you have zero regard for potential dates with no-effort pictures; but what’s difficult to decide, is that where to draw the boundary. To make things easier, we’ve listed down two of our favorite hairstyles for your Tinder profile that will help you level the playing field.

No One Will Swipe Left On This Neat, Middle-Part Bun

Let’s start simple. If you’re the kind of person who believes in looking neat, tidy and presentable and don’t like to spend an hour in front of the mirror each day; this hairstyle will be sure to deliver that message. To create this look, create a middle part, and pull all your hair back to the base of your neck to create a bun.

Next, if you want to add a touch of glamour, tug the bun apart slightly to create a messy effect, and add some cute pins or barrettes. Finally, pull out strands around your face to soften the hairline, and you’re done!

This Fringed Ponytail Will Ensure Life Is Always Fun


This hairstyle will suit the peppy and bubbly personality types. If you’re the kind of person who would love to hang out at amusement parks, go on bike adventures, and appreciates outdoor fun every once in a while, this super cheerful fringed ponytail will keep the spark alive.

To create this look, straighten your fringe, and pull up the rest of your hair in a high ponytail. To make it look a little fancy, add beaded pins to your hair and you’re as ready to roll as you’ll ever be!

While these hairstyles are amazing, there is still a lot more you can experiment with when you have longer, thicker hair. To achieve them without the wait, a good option is to get quality hair extensions Houston.

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