While we may have heard the phrase ‘new year, new extensions’ casually thrown around at a New Year’s Eve party or two, things are slightly different when it comes to celebrities.

Whether it’s business mogul Kylie Jenner or supermodel Bella Hadid, the biggest beauties of Hollywood sometimes change their locks every other week.

If you still ended up backing out of a pair of gorgeous hair extensions for the New Year, we’ve rounded up our favorite celebrities who can’t live without a set of luscious locks to give you some inspiration!

So read along, sip your morning coffee, and start planning your new set of locks!

1. Kylie Jenner

This one should come as no surprise. The 22-year-old billionaire is famous for changing her locks more often than we change our nail color.

Whether she’s heading to Sugarfish to grab some sushi or hitting a launch party for her uber-successful makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, this young fashion icon is known for switching things up with bombshell extensions.

Things don’t end there. Kylie also changes up hair color—along with its length—depending on her mood. From bold black locks to stunning platinum blonde extensions, Kylie has rocked it all!

2. Ariana Grande


Leave it to Ari to steal the show with her lustrous locks every time.

While we know this beauty relies on thick extensions for her classic ponytail for a while now, we didn’t know she also loves experimenting with different styles. The brunette bombshell has also opted for curly hair extensions for photoshoots.

Her go-to signature look, however, continues to be the classic high ponytail that packs volume and velocity for days!

3. Shay Mitchell



Everyone’s favorite PLL star is no stranger to extensionland.

Whether she’s heading off to her exotic, Instagram-famous vacations or attending star-studded event, Shay loves extra length and fullness.

Want to recreate her look? Opt for a stunning pair of natural-looking warm brown extensions. We recommend steering clear of glue, keratin, sewing, braiding, or taping methods to ensure a seamless look that doesn’t appear harshly unblended.

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4. Selena Gomez

Our favorite songstress of the year is another big name that isn’t new to the world of extensions.

While Selena’s experimentation pales in comparison to Kylie’s, she’s still blessed us with iconic looks for a range of different events.

Selena plays it a little more safe by opting for her regular honey brown locks, but always adds dramatic length and volume by relying on bombshell extensions.

5. Chrissy Teigen


Who doesn’t love Chrissy?

When she’s not sending out iconic tweets and posting Instagram stories that send us into fits of laughter, this glamorous queen is experimenting with her style and donning her favorite extensions. We’ve been noticing lots of sleek, straight Chrissy moments lately, including her stunning look at the American Music Awards.

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