You’d be surprised at the variety of combs that exist. If you want good hair, make sure you invest in a good comb.

We’ve been using different combs on different clients for many years now, and we have four top preferences. Hair they are:

Rat Tail Comb

The rat tail comb is great for hair styling and hair colouring. It’s also an excellent tool for creating clean, perfect sections that are a major help in hair styling.

The fine-toothed comb offers tight and precise teasing and backcombing that adds volume and is great for detailing.

Regular Comb

The regular comb is a split between wide teeth and teeth that are very close together. This comb is ideal for haircuts because you can easily get knots out with the wider side, and perfect the hair and smooth it out with the fine side.

The comb is convenient for hair styling purposes because it allows you to get a good grip, whereas the rat tail comb’s slim shape doesn’t offer a proper grip.

You can also backcomb your hair with the narrow side of the comb, making it a versatile tool that’s great to have on-hand at all times.

Wide-Tooth Combs

The wide tooth combs have large gaps between their teeth, making it easier for the hair to pass.

This comb helps in combing out hair knots, especially when the hair is wet since it’s super gentle and doesn’t pull on the hair. You can use wide-tooth combs in the shower to distribute the conditioner nice and evenly throughout each strand.

For best results, we recommend using it with the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me-Rinse!

Teasing Comb

Typically, we first use a rat tail comb for backcombing, followed by a teasing comb to brush out the backcombing since it does a perfect job at smoothing out the hair without detangling it.

Teasing comb also has boar bristles, which are great at gently detangling the hair while keeping the volume intact.

Our Products

If you’re looking for a comb ideal for gently untangling your hair without any breakage, be sure to check our Diane Large Fluff Comb. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry around in your purse where ever you go!


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