Straight irons have become a household essential, readily used to smooth the hair. The latest product from the flat iron world is the vibrating flat iron that promises to minimize hair damage.

What is a Vibrating Flat Iron?

Although it looks the same as any other hair straightening tool, its function is what sets it apart. A vibrating flat iron contains ceramic plates that move back and forth to facilitate equal heat distribution on the hair. Compared to non-moving ceramic plates, these are designed to achieve smoother hair faster with lesser friction. This further reduces the rate of hair breakage and hair-pulling.

The moving plates also account for less time spent straightening the hair, which helps avoid heat damage and restore damaged hair by closing the cuticles. Better yet, it eliminates frizz!

Here are reasons why you should invest in a vibrating flat iron:

Decreases Time for Straightening Hair

Compared to a traditional flat iron, the vibrating flat iron only requires one pass to achieve a straight and sleek finish. The decreased effort allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent going over the strand repeatedly.

Because the vibration distributes heat evenly through the hair, you should be able to style your hair with little to no hair frying.

Locks in Moisture

The vibrating flat iron locks in moisture, leaving the hair shinier and frizz-free! This is great for thick, curly, or coiled hair as it guarantees that after running it over the hair correctly, you wouldn’t need to load it up with more moisture. It also maintains the curl integrity as the vibrating motion refrains from any pulling and tugging.

Moreover, with lesser heat damage and breakage, you’ll see an improved hair growth rate overall.

Creates Different Hairstyles

A vibrating flat iron can be used to create an array of different hairstyles with some salon-level outcomes. From sleek and straight to waves and curls, you can perfect the ends with this heating tool! Not to forget, it’ll keep hair damage at bay and allow your hair to be healthy.

Although vibrating flat irons look much like regular flat irons, they tend to shuffle hair strands to allow even distribution of heat.

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