Balayage is an effortlessly stylish hair trend that’s taken Instagram and the red carpet by storm! This look gives a sun-kissed vibe to the hair, making it perfect for all seasons and events! If you’re ready to join the balayage bandwagon, here’s everything you should know:

What’s Balayage?

Let’s begin by understanding what this hair coloring technique is.

The word balayage essentially comes from French, which means “to sweep.” It involves using more natural-looking colors, and experts use a  free-hand coloring technique. So what you’ll get is a well-blended and multi-toned result. The colors you choose depend on your hair’s base tone. The roots have a very light and fine touch, and it gradually gets thicker towards the tips.

What’s The Difference Between Balayage And Highlights?

Highlights were the talk of the town a few years ago, and now balayage has taken over. However, some are still confused about the difference between the two. Well, the latter gives a more soft look and doesn’t include traditional foiling-like highlights. The lines are delicate and super smooth, ensuring the colors look like an extension of your natural hair.

How is Balayage Done?

A woman with newly done Balayage

1. Hair Examination

Our professionals at Hair Extensions of Houston first evaluate the client’s hair type and ask for any color inspiration pictures. Next, they will discuss your current hair care routine and the coloring process.

2. Section Your Hair

After a coloring plan has been decided, our colorists will play with a variety of colors to get the right shade. They will divide your hair into sections depending on the color you want. If you want a darker shade, they will make larger sections and vice versa for a lighter shade.

3. Coloring and Protein

They will begin with applying a lighter color and then blending it into your natural hair color. Once the color reaches your desired tone, they will rinse it off and finish it with a protein treatment. You’ll end up with beautifully colored and glossy hair like never before!

Balayage is a super cool and stylish hair trend for modern women! Our experts at Hair Extensions of Houston have been catering to clients across the region, ensuring complete satisfaction. We also offer a range of custom blended, non-damaging hair extensions. Check out our website to learn more about our premium Russian hair extensionsContact us today to book an appointment.