Having long, luscious hair is a dream of many, but when genetics don’t comply, extra help is always available. Hair extensions will give you Rapunzel-like flowing locks in no time. No need to wait years and years to grow them out, you don’t even have to put in any effort; hair extensions will lend you thick tresses in no time.

With new application techniques and premium quality hair available, hair extensions are a much-needed hair solution for a lot of people. With the innovative methods available today, no one will even know you’re wearing extensions unless you want them to.

Getting extensions can be a confusing process for a newbie, so welcome to Hair Extensions 101; here’s everything you ever wanted to know about extensions.

Before Buying Extensions

Before you schedule an appointment with a hair stylist, you should know that hair extensions require proper maintenance and care to retain their luster. It’s not as simple as just going to salon and getting a new hairdo. There are a variety of different hair types, application methods, textures, colors and more to choose from.

Getting a True Match

To avoid the fake-hair look, getting extensions that blend in seamlessly with your hair is a must. Both, the color and the texture of the extensions need to match with your real hair in order to look natural.

To do that, a hair sample held against your real hair will give you an idea of what the end result will look like.

Hair Extensions

All the Different Options

Temporary extensions can be removed at any time but semi-permanent ones will stay with you for weeks and months. Temporary extensions are usually clip-ins that you can just slip on your head, while the semi-permanent ones will require you to go to a salon.

Tape-In extensions are hair wefts that are attached to the real hair with an adhesive. Although easy to maintain, they give off a fake, unnatural look.

Sew-In extensions are woven around or glued on to braided hair. These are also known as hair weaves. These can be a bit uncomfortable on the head and can cause hair breakage. They can also make the scalp tender and sensitive.

The Loc system is thought to be the best method as it is safe and non-damaging to your hair while still giving you the natural look. A small copper tube is attached to the natural hair and the hair extension is pulled through that tube.

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