Winters is a time when you can let your fashion-inspired brain run wild and try on different things. With lots of layers and trendy coats, you can support looks you’ve never tried before.

Finding a good winter outfit doesn’t seem as tricky as finding the right hairstyle does. You never know when to pull up your hair or let it stay down. Many people opt for quality hair extensions Houston to help them create the best possible winter look. If you’re looking for the perfect winter hairstyle, we can help you out. We’ve put together several hairstyles that will help you rock winters in 2022!

Let’s explore.

Half-up Braided Bun

Winters mean a lot of layers, and with a lot of layers, you’re not always sure how to style your hair perfectly. One great way is to put your hair into a half-up braided bun. If you’re wondering how to do this, then all you need to do is take strands of your hair from both sides and tie them into loose, chunky braids. Take them to the back of your head, and wrap them together in a bun.

With the other half of your hair open, you can straighten them out for a simpler look or add a few curls and waves to add some volume.

Messy ponytail

Heading out for a casual lunch with your friends or going for a shopping trip? Put your hair in a messy ponytail for a complete winter look. Take your hair and roughly put them up in a ponytail. Loosen the hair around your crown to make it look voluminous, take out a few strands near the forehead area, and curl them to add a little structure to your face.

Undone Side Braid

A woman with a neatly done side braid.

The easiest way to upgrade your winter look is to have a trendy, stylish, and hip hairstyle. One way to achieve that is by incorporating an undone side braid into your winter look. Putting your hair in a loose, messy side braid will help give you a girlish look. You can wear this hairstyle with a formal dress or a turtle neck sweater.

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