A bad hair day? None for me, please!

But what happens when genetics, irregular maintenance, chlorinated water, harsh weather conditions, and over-processing damage your locks? These internal and external factors can affect your emotional well-being and quality of life. Dry hair is a result of natural oils being stripped away from the hair strand. Here’s what you can do to restore the life and luster of your hair:

Moisturize Your Hair with Hair Oils and Hair Masks

Hair oils and hair masks are all things fun about the hair care regime. We recommend the use of coconut oil for treating dry hair as it strengthens the scalp and nourishes the dry, brittle hair ends for that added boost of shine. Leave it in before shampooing for added protection. Alternatively, argan oil is a miracle product for dry hair due to its vitamin and antioxidant-rich content that helps in restoring moisture and increasing the hair’s elasticity for that natural oomph. To wash it off, use a paraben-free shampoo.

Don’t Forget the Scalp

Don’t forget to show your scalp a little bit of love as it’s subject to dryness and irritation as well. A healthy scalp provides a healthy foundation for your hair. It’s good practice to use products that help moisturize the scalp; for example, use a shampoo infused with hair serums or oil to deposit moisture as you go.

An itchy scalp

Avoid Heat Styling and Chemical Treatments

If you haven’t heard about it already, we’ll do you the honors again: ditch heat styling tools and chemical treatments! This is possibly the easiest of all ways to fix dry hair. Instead, for the sake of healthy hair, try heatless hairstyles or use hair extensions to freshen up your look for well-styled hair for days!

Limit Hair Washing

Washing your hair two to three times a week suffices for most people looking to achieve a balance between clean and moisturized hair and scalp. Conditioning is the key to fixing dry hair so take up an amount that generously covers the mid-shafts to the ends. Moreover, avoid the use of rough, coarse fabric towels. Rubbing tends to create frizz and pull at fragile strands causing additional breakage. Instead, use a microfiber towel that reduces strain.

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