The Disney diva, the sensational singer, and phenomenal actor Demi Lovato, has been in the headlines in several tabloids throughout her career—sometimes for her love affairs, other times for her accomplishments, and sometime simply because she dresses like a queen. One thing that people never seemed to give her credit for was her bold choice of hairstyles.

Lovato has seen a range of hairstyles over the years; she has gone from small to long hair to using hair extensions and coloring her hair in an alarming tone. No matter what her hair looked like, she carried each look and style with utmost confidence.

If you’re in doubt about what your next hairstyle should be, we’d suggest taking a look at Demi’s public presence and jumping on the wagon with whatever she chooses this year. If you think we’re saying this because we may have some inclination towards Disney actors (which is only partially true!) you might want to read ahead to accompany us through a walk down memory lane.

Here are some of the most iconic hairstyles that Demi has worn and absolutely rocked over the years. Let’s begin!

Long Hair with Bangs

When we talk about Demi Lovato, we can’t overlook her premium camp rock phase. The star rose to popularity somewhere between her camp rock musical numbers and her Sonny with a Chance sitcom. Either way, we all grew up loving Demi with her long straight hair and heavy bangs.

Those bangs covered most of her forehead and gave her the innocence that her television presence required at the time. Even though such linear bangs went out of style pretty quickly, you can’t argue Demi carried them with utmost vigor!

Rocking the Camp with Black Waves

A woman with long black waves sitting looking sideways.

We saw Demi Lovato growing up significantly between the two camp rock movies. While we loved the bangs and the school girl look for her, we can’t disagree that her luscious black locks and the carefully created waves did her facial features far more justice!

Super Long Black Hair

Ever since we’ve seen Camp Rock 2, we know that black and dark hair do Demi’s face a lot more justice than for anything else. This is why when she decided to opt for long black hair, we were all intrigued despite the many quality hair extensions she chose to use every other day!

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