When it comes to corporate America, some workplaces can be extremely strict about dress code and hair styling. If your personal mission in life is to look fabulous at all times, then you’re probably itching to ditch that boring old onion bun on your head and switch up your style.


We understand that you’re probably looking for something that’s cute yet practical enough to get you through the 9-to-5 life. And that’s why we’re here with our handy guide on some fun hairstyles for the workplace!

Loose French Twist

This one’s a cool hairstyle to go for on a workday in July. Side Swept bangs are always fashionable and the low twisty bun completes a professional look for you. The great thing is that it leaves plenty of room for you to add in earrings and a thick winged liner without going overboard.

Deep Side-Part

If you’re rocking the short bob then a sleek and straightened side part would look great on you. Match the color of your hair with your suit jacket and you’ve got a fashion maestro strutting down the corridor.


Loose Waves

Thinking of letting your hair loose? Hair that’s past the shoulder-length and straightened to death may look like you’re overdoing it. But a light wavy touch to your hair makes it look effortless yet well-put-together for office wear. Plus, if you’ve got a nice Ombré or Balayage look going on, that’s even better for this style! Those of you interested can get your hair colored with us at our Houston-based hair salon from Tuesday to Saturday between 9:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Chic Side Braid

Braids never really go out of style and a nice Dutch plait that’s a little rough around the edges can make it look like you’re working really hard at your job. And that’s great for your boss to see, right? If you’re in a rush and can’t style your hair much, you can always carry bobby pins with you to keep the fly-away hair in their place.

Half Up, Half Down

Some people like to call this the Ariana Grande style but we’ll just call it the half up hairstyle. It’s kind of a nice compromise between looking professional yet laid back, especially during the day time. Plus, if you’re a fan of hair extensions like Miss Grande is, you can always give us a call and we’ll get you natural looking,  voluminous hair in no time!

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